Casting pods

Do you meet the following conditions:

– you like to listen to soundtracks and scores from movies, tv shows and video games alike,
– you don‘t mind listening to people talking about that who are more or less obviously not native speakers,
– you like listening to podcasts or want to give it a try,

then you should give the brand-new episode of “Broken Chair Scores” a go. Actually, even if you don’t care that much for any of the aforementioned, you should listen to the show because who knows? It might stir something, right?

Also, as with this blog don’t hesitate to state your mind about the show, the hosts or your feelings in general. I’m here for you. Give me and us your boos and applause and everything in between.

If everyone did that…

Well, what if everyone did?

This phrase is usually said when you want to convince someone of stopping doing something you think is not good.

I would like to turn that around today and give it a spin.

Picking up garbage from the street and putting it in a trash can?
If everyone did that…!

The easy and comfortable excuse, of course is close at hand: “who does that?!”

Yeah, sure. Everybody pays their taxes and part of those are for the sanitation department. I do too. So?

I repeat my question: what if everyone picked up a piece of trash on the side walk every once in a while? Like a carton of a beverage that someone tossed, for example.

Not only would the streets suddenly be a lot cleaner, but there would be more awareness that littering sucks and voila: nobody needs to bend down for trash any more.

A different example that I like thinking about regularly: not using the car.

Yeah, I know. What could you little, insignificant, small person possibly contribute to global carbon dioxide emission?

Nothing of course. So, just keep making every trip with your car, no matter how small it might be. After all it is very economical and satisfies all emission standards those honorable and honest manufacturers obligate themselves to comply.

And where we would end up if everybody just left their car standing? Just imagine!

Emptier and safer streets are a utopia anyway, not to speak of cleaner as I said above. So why bother and try to get cleaner air?

You’d rather accept rage and anger over the other drivers during rush hour or looking for a parking space in an over crowded city. Getting a parking ticket is part of the shopping experience.

Also: what if everyone did that?!

Those poor car manufacturers. The poor automobile industry and all those jobs!

Should all these people start building bicycles?

No, you stay comfortably with what you know and relax with your habits, with what you’re used to, your excessive luxury that has long transformed into a necessity for you to which you wouldn’t admit.

Without meat, without car, without pineapple, without … why should you go without these things? It’s there, so you might as well…

Go without meat? Or at least one day a week? Who are they to tell you what to do? Who are they to patronize you?

And then there are those obnoxious, annoying people who talk down on you and show that it can be done. Feeling all exemplary. Sure they do!

They’re not under the same constraints and obligations you’re under!

They’re not forced to drive their kids to school every day or have a bad back or they just don’t have a job or any obligations for that matter they have to commute to every day… you name it.

You got your reasons for your lazin- … for your constraints.
And besides: you earned it! Poor little you.

When finally present you with reasonable alternatives, you’ll be on board but why should you make a step in that direction.

Nobody does anyway!

Running like clockwork…

Running at Metro-Marathon

…and suddenly it was over. Just ran the famous 42.195 kilometers again.

This time around I was not nervous about the run. The marathon itself even was not that bad, in fact it was great. But I was very anxious to get it done so I can move on already.

My goal was to finish in less than 5 hours and I indeed accomplished that. But that isn’t even what I’m most proud of.

What really impressed me was, that I didn’t even have sore muscles the day after the run. The only injury, if you want to call it that, was a sun burn on my bald head.

I consider myself very lucky to have such amazing friends, who made the journey to support me and who kept on the move through the city to cheer me on while I was running. Thank you so much!

Now I permit myself the luxury of waiting for more pleasant running weather before I resume my training for the next marathon.


Being smarter is hard. Acting smarter is even harder.

The world will go on spinning. People will advance and advance humanity with them and people will keep accomplishing incredible things.

Given the right environment a Beethoven will create his symphonies, a Goethe will write his books, a Van Gogh will paint his pictures.

There will always be those, who refuse to cope with progress and who disapprove of everything new.

There will always be those people, who are so afraid of change that they’ll nearly lose their minds and who have to spread their fear, so everybody shares their madness.

There will always be those people, who are not dumb but who rest in a pretend stupidity, because it is simpler. Just so everything stays as it is for them selves.
There will always be people, who put their own needs above the needs of their community in which they live.

There will always be those people, who have so much of everything, that they grow so terrified of the possibility that someone might take something away from them, that they lose their minds over this fear and that they have to drive everybody around them into the same terror.

There will always be those people, who are grateful for everything they get to have during their stay here and who are appreciative of the fact, that they don’t own anything, really because they will be gone again very soon.

There will always be those people, who are there when others need their help and who don’t want anything for it and there will always be those people, who appreciate this and accept it with gratitude and those people, who are envious of those who receive that help, just because they receive it.

There will always be people, who will not submit to the pretend stupidity and who will not act dumb, but who stand up to the challenge and the responsibility of being smarter.

There will always be people, who will advance the rest. Come what may.


(Dieser Post ist auch auf deutsch verfügbar: ,,Widerwillens” )

When I talk about how I cope with the influences all around me, people often look a me funny. What I mean in particular is, when I talk about news and my intake of news.

I don’t watch news. I try to avoid them. Every once in a while I’m confronted with some news or other but this I only bear reluctantly. And when I’m force fed those news, I’m usually reminded why I stay away from them, afterwards.

I even would go as far as proclaiming that I live much better without watching or consuming any news. Better than anyone taking in hours of news every day, anyway. Maybe not continuously but stretched throughout the day.

Beginning with the first “breaking news” (or breakfast news) in the morning with the first coffee or while in the shower, followed by a news ticker on all devices that surround us all day every day, up to the final hours of the day, which are supposed to be for relaxation but which we spend watching, you guessed it, the news. This time in all their gory detail and with all the background stories.

What does that do with us? I can only say what it did with and to me. It inflated problems which are not mine or aren’t problems at all, if you take the time to examine them from a distance.

Keeping your eyes and ears on those news will focus all your senses on things that are awful. And the majority is awful, no doubt. But I get focused on things that I cannot change. Occurrences that are so far out of my reach that I can never hope to do anything about them, with or without my knowledge about them.

So, what does knowing about those news do for and to me?
It makes me sad, it makes me angry and in consequence sick.

Asking for a reason why I – or the people who follow these news – do that seems moot to me. Probably for the reason most people give me, as soon as I say that I don’t watch them any longer: you have to be informed.
Today I reply to those people: why?

What good does it do for me in Germany to know, when there has been yet another shooting in a school in the US? All this does to me, is making me afraid of something happening here. Or just making me afraid.

How does it help me to know, that the economy in Greece is collapsing and that Germany is taking action to intervene. Does knowing that make me sleep any better? Or will my sleep get better by just knowing this and being able to get upset about it? In my experience this is not the case.

Why do I have to take part in every discussion and have an opinion about every topic? There are enough people spreading around their dangerous superficial knowledge, enough so called experts and specialists that gush about those things, without me giving my two cents to everything. And guess what? I have no urge to correct them, either.

How does it help me when I am being shown that people in Gaza are being caged and locked in from all sides and systematically starved? I cannot change that. Neither can I change that, nor does it make me a believer in justice in this world – which is also only watching, by the way.

Why do I have to see and to know in-depth how people all over the world slaughter each other for trivial and idiotic reasons? What does it help me to get told for the hundredth time that there are organisations who abuse children systematically and regularly – and that there are still those, who trust those people with their children, that there are still those people who keep sending their children to those same organisations?

And the gorier, the more detailed all those informations, all those pictures … the better?

It has no purpose for me and my life. It destroys my well being and leads to a sick mind, which keeps expecting the worst.
It leads to us judging people by the actions of other people – because that is what our minds do, because we draw conclusions.
I know all these terrible things anyway and I can’t change anything about them. I don’t need to be reminded of all those dreadful things. Thanks, but no thanks!
But I can change my attitude towards those influences and towards those, who make a profit from selling this daily hate.

I unmask and expose them for what they are.
I stop listening to their screaming and what they try to achieve – the spreading of hate and prejudice by pointing fingers and name calling.

No assassination victim has ever returned to the living by calling out the assassins motivations. Those motivations are of interest to the doctors who treat those damaged minds but proclaiming these motivations creates rifts between people and generates fear.

I stay away from those who keep preaching how bad I’m supposed to feel, just because we as a society help those who are in desperate need of help. I hope I will never have to flee.
I stay away from those who keep spreading envy and malevolence and disguise it as “information”.
I stay away from those who make a profit from showing the worst in people.

You should try it some time.

Posting flood

In this post I would like to ask your forgiveness and your patience with me.

I’m still exploring the wonderful world of WordPress and it occasionally happens, that I publish stuff, that you might have already read.

Of course I will always try to keep emails that you receive through subscribing to my blog only on a necessary level. For example when I post something new.

Sometimes though, when I can’t find another way, I’ll have to re-publish something. Simply because I haven’t discovered how to do that without sending out a mail.

So, thanks for understanding and for not considering my mails spam yet. I am very grateful for your subscription and that you follow my drivel.



– is something I feel when I achieve something on my own or with the help of others.

Something I worked on, something I created. Something perhaps, that was there before and that I was able to improve.

Of that, I can be proud.

I can be proud of my brothers and sisters who became great people.

People who managed to be great parents in spite of all the difficulties and who are raising wonderful children, of whom they can be proud in turn.

I can be proud of my siblings who, in spite of all the highs and lows in their lives, always did find a way to go on and I can be proud if I was allowed and able to contribute to that.

I’m proud of the gushing I produce in this blog. Even though it’s nothing more than a tiny spot on a tiny grain of sand in the giant hourglass of time… because I can point at it and proudly proclaim: “I did that!”

I can be proud of conquering my demons and overcoming my laziness, of forcing myself to get up my lazy butt and do instead of complaining.

I can be proud of having shown the discipline and the perseverance to finish a marathon. I can be proud of having cared for my body so it can endure this strain.

I can on the other hand only call my self lucky to have received a body that gave me the necessary requirements.

I can only call myself lucky to have inherited good genes, which in turn come from countless generations before me who mixed again and again to – in the end result in me.

I cannot be proud of that. That was lucky.

I was lucky to have been born here.

Lucky that my parents decided to come here and look for a better future for their children and that they took that opportunity.

I am lucky to be surrounded by beautiful and lovely people, who were also put in this world and this environment, so we can take part in each others lives.

Their parents too, did take the decision to come or stay here – a long or not so long time ago – they cannot be proud of that.

That was very lucky for us all.

It’s lucky for us to be able to recognize our luck and also that we don’t announce to be proud of things we just got by sheer chance.

We are not proud to be here or to live here – we are lucky and count our blessings for this fortune. We didn’t do anything for it.

We just were put on this field on that giant playing board and were told that it’s our move.

I didn’t achieve that. It was given to me.

I admire what people here and everywhere achieved, made and created and I aspire to contribute to that, so that others can be as lucky and live the same good life that I was given.

I can’t be proud to be (your nationality here). I didn’t do anything for it.